Peacefully located in the middle of Kansas, this quiet destination seamlessly combines the country charm of a farmstead with a rustic elegance of Kansas land. Drawing on over 70 years of history as a historical homestead, The Kansas Beach provides a truly unique setting for your event. Whether your plan involves a wedding, reception, corporate event, banquet, seminar, or other type of function, our expert staff will assist you in creating a memorable event.

Our Mission

To engage our clients with high quality service in order to facilitate a simple and stress free event; thereby, increasing the quality and value of the experience for every guest who steps foot on our property.


Meet the owners

Joe and Geena Kejr have lived in the Brookville area over 30 years. Together, they enjoy hosting, farming, gardening, traveling, connecting with their 3 grown children and serving the Lord. They live a mile away from the Kansas Beach. 

Roy and Fern Beach owned the house until the 1970's when Joe's father bought the Beach property. Since then, a member of the extended family has lived in the house until it was purchased by Joe and Geena in March 2016. It has become a pride and joy to see people experience the calm countryside.

Often, the 160 acres of land surrounding the property is planted in wheat. As Geena likes to say, "The Amber Waves of Grain!" have become the Kansas Beach.